Gold does not tarnish, rust or corrode.

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as result of its wonderful qualities and its luster, gold is considered the most necessary metal in jewellery making. As pure gold is too soft for everyday wear, that is alloyed with a mixture of metals in order to make the yellow harder, for this reason it deserve to be provided for jewellery.


In that is pure form, gold has a metallic luster the is deep yellow in colour, yet when mixed or alloyed with other metals, such as silver, copper, zinc, nickel, platinum, palladium, etc., then it creates various colours such together white, red, green, and also the seldom uncovered blue, purple and also black.

YELLOW GOLD is a classic.

It has a really warm and elegant look and feels to it, especially when inserted on the skin. Yellow yellow is timeless and is a very appropriate gift when celebrating life"s most vital occasions.

The final colour that yellow gold can be affected by varying the mixture the other metals that are added. Also, there deserve to be a significant difference in shading based upon the fineness scale.

For example, a ring through a gold rubber stamp of 585 is written of just 58.5% gold and also 41.7% other metals that provide it strength, however, the yellow colour of this yellow ring is no as well-off as the of a yellow ring v a stamp of 750, which has 75%pure goldYellow gold comes in every shades the yellow and which one to select is a issue of an individual taste. Lighter (greener) yellow indicates more silver alloyed with the gold.Darker (pinker) yellow indicates an ext copper alloyed v the gold.

Cleaning and care: Yellow gold is a really practical valuable metal and also it is the easiest when it pertains to repair or resizing and refinishing.Extensive repairs can be done reasonably easily without the fear of damaging an important gemstones and diamonds because yellow gold has actually a an extremely low melting point.TIP:Yellow gold likewise makes a wonderful setup for slightly yellowish diamonds because it tends to mask the diamond"s yellowish tints


White gold gets its colour from mixing yellow gold v white steels such as silver, palladium and also nickel.However, nickel has fallen out of favour among European jewellery sellers and producers due to allergic reactions and also Nickel safety and security Regulations in EU countries.

in ~ e-Jewels, we just sell high-quality jewellery what complies with EU Nickel safety Regulations. All jewellery the is marketed in EU nations has to follow Nickel safety Regulations - this strictly control the maximum intake of nickel in jewellery, so it would certainly be for sure for buyers. This regulations are only complied with in EU countries, so as soon as you room buying her jewellery from exterior the EU make sure you get information native the seller about what metal alloy has been offered for obtaining white gold!

Nowadays, white yellow is covered with rhodium plating to produce a bright, pure white finish.Rhodium is a bright silver- colour metal from the platinum family members of metals. It is an extremely expensive and is only offered in a plating solution. Friend will never ever see a item of jewellery made from heavy rhodium. As rhodium is just for plating, climate you should consider that rhodium-plated white gold can “yellow” end time and may must be periodically re-plated with rhodium. The stay time relies on just how much the jewellery item is used and also how thick the initial plating was.For example, a pair the earrings may retain your plating for many years, however a wedding ring that is exposed to day-to-day wear generally requires another plate in 1-2 years.

Cleaning and also care: White yellow rings are simple to resize if necessary, contrasted with titanium or platinum rings that can be difficult, if not impossible to resize. White gold colour will fade in time. The factor for this is that white gold rings are usually coated v rhodium to do them show up brighter and much more silvery. The rhodium does wear off eventually, therefore you require to acquire your white yellow jewellery re-plated through rhodium, possibly as commonly as when a year. The does not take a lengthy time and also most experienced jewellers market this service.

TIP:White gold is frequently used because that engagement ring or rings that contain diamonds. The white metal tends to highlight the diamonds, if yellow gold may provide the stones a yellow tint. Rhodium plating provides diamonds look bigger and better because it"s so bright and also it glints prefer the diamonds. At very first look and also under most lighting conditions, it"s tough to view where the stones end and the steel begins.


Red yellow is a gold and also copper alloy that is sometimes likewise referred to together pink yellow or rose gold.Since copper has a bold pinkish-orange colour, adding this alloy come gold provides the gold a beautiful pinkish yellow colour.The varying percentage of copper offered determines the color of the gold. The more copper is used, the more powerful the red colouration

Red yellow was well-known in Russia at the beginning of the nineteenth century and also was likewise known together Russian yellow although the hatchet is rarely heard these days. Red gold is a really popular an option for rings. Despite it is seen less often, it is acquiring popularity, particularly among people who want their wedding and also engagement rings to have a unique, romantic look.Red gold functions well in all species of settings but is particularly appealing in vintage-inspired engagement rings and wedding rings. It deserve to be an unified with white or yellow gold to produce a distinct multi-coloured setup that appeals come the wearer’s creative side.

Despite its soft and romantic color look, red yellow is the strongest of the three colours, since copper is very sturdy and also the result alloy is tougher than yellow or white gold.The fence is the copper can cause allergic reaction in a little percentage that individuals and also is not taken into consideration to it is in a hypoallergenic metal. If you buy jewellery for someone with very sensitive skin, yellow gold may be your best choice.

Cleaning and care: Red yellow jewellery doesn"t tarnish but like various other gold jewellery it have the right to collect dust and be dirtied or dulled through the oils in her skin, body lotion, assembly or other substances. You re welcome follow our jewellery care instructions to make sure that your purchased jewellery keeps looking an excellent for years. That is encourage to take it your priceless jewellery to check and also get serviced through a jeweller on a consistent basis.

TIP:Red gold is a terrific choice for world with warmth skin tones and for those with cooler skin tones. The red/pink colour stands out beautifully versus pale skin; however, it might not look as lovely as yellow gold does against darker skin tones. If her skin tone alters seasonally, red gold might be a great choice.

* You deserve to wear red gold jewellery through your piece in white and yellow yellow without worrying around the metals clashing.

PurityPure gold is as well soft for daily wear, so the is alloyed v a mixture of steels like silver, copper, platinum, palladium, and also zinc to provide it strength and durability.The contents of gold is measured in karats and also not in "carats", i beg your pardon is used to measure up the weight of diamonds.As the K number increases, for this reason does the yellow content and also price. Karats represent how many parts, by weight, that pure yellow is existing in the 24 components of the alloy. Listed below is the variety of gold content:

Purity or fineness range in Gold:

24 K= 99.9% Pure (European noting Fineness 999) also soft for fine jewellery22 K= 91.6% Pure (European noting Fineness 916) is too soft to organize the priceless gems securely18 K= 75% Pure (European marking Fineness 750) best for well jewellery14 K= 58.5% Pure (European noting Fineness 585) ideal for fine jewellery12K = 50% Pure (European marking Fineness 500)9 K = 37.5% Pure (European noting Fineness 375)

* Fineness to represent the purity of precious steels expressed in parts per thousand

What walk a 750 stamp on gold jewellery mean?It is typical marking in Europe, where 750 on a piece of jewellery signifies 18K i.e. 75% yellow 25% alloy.

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What walk a 585 or 583 rubber stamp on gold jewellery mean?A fineness of 585 or 583 top top a piece of jewellery signifies 14K gold.Technically, 14K must be 583 (14/24 = 0.583333), yet most manufacturers have embraced the European method and make 14K yellow a tiny little over 14K, so the note is 585 in most 14K jewellery.