Modern Family has end up being an integral part of the abc comedy lineup end its eight seasons so far. The crucial darling has won roughly a bazillion awards and also has lugged lots the laughs for the much better part of a decade. The display has lost some of its an important acclaim end the past pair of years, but it"s still going strong, and a lot of its success is due to the cast. As it turns out, however, Julie Bowen practically passed on the role of Claire. She recently common this story around why she virtually didn"t take it the job:

Well, I average I want to desperately. But I was so pregnant with the twins during the audition process. They would certainly just lug me in and stare in ~ my stomach. I think legally possibly they couldn"t say favor "What"s the about..." so I"d go home and cry and think I"m never going to get this -- the best job in the people -- so i took myself the end of very first place for it since there was an additional job the was auditioning wherein the lady to be pregnant.

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Julie Bowen"s disclose that she came really close to no landing a function on Modern Family might come as something of a surprised to pan of the show. It"s just hard to imagine the display with one more actress play Claire. Bowen brings a unique combination of love for she family and total exasperation at their ridiculousness to her character. The Dunphy branch the the huge extended family members really gels many thanks to each of the actors; it"s feasible that the dynamic never ever would have functioned at every if a various actress had actually nabbed the part.

Of course, Julie Bowen did finish up getting over her pregnant insecurities and also landing the function of a lifetime on the hit abc comedy. She went on throughout her conversation on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to explain what happened after she readjusted her mind, saying this:

Then I had to execute some scrambling to acquire the project back. When I think that that, that can keep me up in the middle of the night.

The producer must have actually really loved Julie Bowen because that the duty of Claire if they placed her back in the to run after she pulled herself out of the casting race, and also it"s easy to view why. Bowen was a natural choice to beat a significant sitcom character. She had currently made a name for herself with ongoing roles top top shows choose Ed and Boston Legal, and also she had memorable stints on programs like Lost and also Weeds. She evidently verified herself so well that also auditioning while hugely pregnant with twins didn"t spoil she chances.

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Modern Family definitely benefited from spreading Julie Bowen. She has scored six Emmy nominations for outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series, winning in 2011 and 2012. There"s no saying exactly how much much longer Modern Family have the right to last currently that the youngsters are cultivation up; hope she"ll continue to carry the laughs for however many years are left. The remainder of Season 8 has actually been and will proceed to it is in filled through some good guest stars, consisting of Peyton Manning as a sports tutor, Kelsey Grammer as a previous circus ringmaster, and Nathan Fillion as a weatherman on because that multiple episodes. Song in to alphabet on Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET to watch what"s following for Claire and the others on Modern Family, and take a look in ~ our malfunction of mirrors that could be cancelled to see which series you can want to begin worrying about.

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