Pokémon: Why Red Is on Mt. Silver- In gold & silver Red is one of the strongest Trainers in the Pokémon World, therefore why does that spend all of his time alone in the snow at the top of Mt. Silver?

Pokemon Red silver- Mountain
Red is the final opponent in Pokémon gold & Silver, together he waits because that the player in ~ the peak of Mt. Silver. This raises the question of what Red was doing on Mt. Silver and why that wasn"t continuing his Pokémon journey, especially as over there are various other regions that space waiting come be dominated by powerful Pokémon Trainers.

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Once the player has got the eight Gym badges from the Johto region in Pokémon yellow & Silver, they room able to travel to the Indigo league and an obstacle the elite Four. If the player deserve to survive this incredibly difficult gauntlet, climate they will confront Lance, who is the Champion. As soon as Lance is defeated, the player can travel come the Kanto region from Pokémon Red & Blue and confront the Gym leader there. If the player can defeat them and earn sixteen Gym Badges, then they have earned the appropriate to go into Mt. Silver, i beg your pardon is home to an effective wild Pokémon. Wait at the optimal of Mt. Silver is Red, the protagonist of Pokémon Red & Blue, and he challenges the player to one of the toughest battles in the Pokémon series.

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Red serves together the ultimate foe in Pokémon yellow & Silver, yet the has practically no role in the game. He went from being the previous Champion who conserved the Kanto an ar from Team Rocket, come a hermit who lived on a mountain, waiting for challengers. Why exactly was Red wait on Mt. Silver?

Red"s changing Role In Pokémon gold & Silver

PKMN TRAINER RED in Pokemon Gold
Red"s duty changed a good deal during the development of Pokémon gold & Silver. According to The cutting Room Floorthere was an interview at the back of a Japanese guide dubbed ポケットモンスター公式ファンブック (Pocket monster Official Fanbook) before the gamings were released the hinted at Red"s role. The interview declared the protagonist of Pokémon gold & Silver was influenced to walk on their journey ~ hearing around a young from Kanto completing the Pokédex. The leaked beta of Pokémon Gold & Silver from an are World 1997 included an early version that the world map, native a time once the idea to be for the player come travel anywhere Japan. Red (referred to as Blue in the records of the game) was going to be the Gym Leader that stood for the whole Kanto region.

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The idea of using just the Johto/Kanto an ar in Pokémon gold & Silver happened late in advance and many of the ideas from the beta to be scrapped, such together Giovanni returning. Kanto was included as a post-game region, with the initial Gym Leaders having their level beefed up considerably. Together Red to be the one who overcame the Indigo organization in the first game, it provides sense that would be provided as the ultimate difficulty for this revised variation of the game. Mt. Silver- was simply a gatekeeping tool, in order to make certain players couldn"t challenge Red early. Sealing turn off Mt. Silver supposed that the player had actually a factor to complete the Kanto an ar again, as they required sixteen Gym title to enter it. In-universe, this provides Red a great reason to it is in there, as just the best Pokémon Trainers in the world could approach him because that a battle. A visibly older Red later shows up in the Alola region with Blue in Pokémon sunlight & Moon, therefore he may have been cost-free to take trip the civilization again, once he had lastly been defeated in battle.

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