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I was watching a basketball game featuring my favourite team. It was a tremble game; the score to be tied through 10 seconds remaining on the clock. The team’s superstar referred to as for an isolation play, waited because that the clock come dwindle down, and sank a fadeaway jumper in ~ the buzzer. The players started celebrating. The hero the the game rushed to the bench, pump his fist and giving high-fives. If doing this, his teammates started slapping that on the butt, one after another.

And for this reason I started to wonder. What is the beginning of the butt slap? Why is it just done in sports? Do males slapping each various other on their behinds get a an increase in confidence or something?

As you may an extremely well know, this gesture is really common in various sports, also those play by huge and hard men, like football. Can you imagine what these large dudes to speak to every other, or much more interestingly, what they feeling while giving and receiving a target slap?


Science Behind the butt Slap?

To provide you with a little bit of helpful information, some say that there is scientific research behind butt slapping. It is stated that it has actually similarities with steed racing, wherein jockeys whip their steeds to encourage castle to walk faster. However then again, some studies case that whipping equines does not increase their opportunities of finishing first, second, or whatever. But there’s tho a beneficial tip us can obtain from horse racing. There is in reality a limit to the number of times a jockey deserve to whip a horse. The same goes v butt slapping.

Actually, ns played basketball ago in high school, and also I’ve had my same share that those “confidence and energy boosters.” Honestly, at very first it didn’t come really awkward come me, probably due to the fact that I’ve been seeing athletes law it means before I began playing basketball. So I thought it was a herbal thing for sportsmen. I hate to admit this, yet I think I’ve given an ext butt slaps to men than women. But hey, don’t begin laughing now. You recognize you’re in the same league as me.

That currently sparked one more question in my mind. Space butt slaps additionally common in women’s sports? If so, that’s worthy the a whole different article! however in any kind of case, the target slap is here and also here come stay. Because that beginners, if you want to avoid civilization questioning her manhood or if you desire to hide your genuine intentions, friend must find out these unspoken rules of target slapping.


The Unspoken rule of butt Slapping

1. No squeezing. This is the number one rule. A target slap should always be a fast tap. Make certain your fingers are together to prevent accidental cupping, or to avoid temptation. If your hand is tho in call with the guy’s target after fifty percent a second, your thoughts room not ~ above the game; they're lingering what else.

2. Pick just one cheek. No matter how much you desire to smack both, obtain a hold of yourself and also pick only one cheek. Preferably, slap the one nearest girlfriend to avoid that split 2nd of picking which one friend think is far better to smack.


3. Store your eyes up. girlfriend don’t need to look in ~ the guy’s behind when offering him a target slap. This will only make friend look choose you’re in reality enjoying this crazy antic.

4. Autumn in line. Did your teammate do a great play? Wait your turn to provide him a smack. Don’t walk rushing in the direction of him favor a son drooling for ice cream. Don’t you worry; you’ll acquire your chance.

5. Listen to the horn. when the game ends, it likewise signals the finish of target slapping, or at least after a couple of seconds after the video game to congratulate your team for winning or come tell castle you’ll gain ‘em next time. As for you, this is your last chance, therefore go gain ‘em now!

Oh, and also one more thing: never take it come the showers!

Are You all set for One?

For having the patience to check out this article, here's one because that you . . .

Well, on second thought, there might be folks who do not want to it is in on the receiving end of a butt slap. Together a issue of fact, I'm additionally done through it. Therefore if you took pleasure in this article, please leaving a comment instead. Numerous thanks!


Sherri Johnson ~ above July 03, 2020:

I enjoyed reading this to mine son reason I beat him all the time and he it s okay mad

Thanks ~ above January 10, 2020:

Thx u this is some brand-new facts

Dave ~ above June 13, 2019:

You make laugh so hard, in regards come the rule of butt slapping!

Haha haha

Joseph Tabit on march 29, 2019:

There is a science behind it. The idea is to smack the male at the really bottom the his vertebral pillar (Coccygeal Nerve #31) appropriate at the tailbone just above the ass. The idea is to activate the many inferior nerve in the central Nervous System and also send it straight to the mind Stem and into the Basal Ganglion that the Limbic mechanism in the brain. This activates the Pleasure facility where the human being feels choose a million dollars, especially if the person who slapped him to be older and well respected. The layman's terms "Atta boy kiddo"!!!!

A top top July 24, 2018:

Mr. Openhimer, probably due to the fact that of sexual harassment. If some, or also many, people may it is in fine through it, there space some that aren't and also those might cause issues.

Mr. Openhimer on march 21, 2018:

I swat my secretary's butt any type of time she walk a an excellent job. She giggles and also seems to gain the recognition. Numerous weeks ago she began slapping my butt as soon as I closeup of the door a huge deal, and I have to admit, it actually provides me work much harder come close every deal and earn that swat indigenous her. I was feather this up to see if there was some kind of scientific research behind the motivating aspect behind the swat. Why don't an ext people execute it in the office setting as well?

Mickey top top February 23, 2018:

Touch mine butt, and also be prepared to stabbed in the confront with a soldering iron...hazing regularly hides behind the surname of tradition.

Culley ~ above September 02, 2017:

Itve constantly found that to be in an excellent fun. That is a happy gesture the incites bonding & encouragement.

Richard mota on respectable 26, 2017:

Exactly what I want to uncover out an excellent article!

Willie Forsythe ~ above July 29, 2017:

It is constantly fun come learn new things and I to be happy to review this. The was very interesting

Betty Smith on may 13, 2017:

In today's society the sexual society of same gender,bisexual,transgender,and anything goes males slapping each various other on the butt probably makes some feel uncomfortable,makes

Spectators wonder and others indifferent.

Ware No on October 30, 2016:

Me and my mommy GG think it's gross and also should it is in banned. That makes it easy for civilization with ulterior engine to get down without being exposed.

Mrs S ~ above April 04, 2016:

We are rolling v laugh! simply shared this with our teenagers- possibly our maturity had us crying! love it!!!

Jobert on march 24, 2012:

xD Funny hub cliff~ currently i'm all set to butt slap a teammate ~ the video game :D

Cliff Mendrez (author) indigenous Philippines on march 16, 2012:

Brought back awesome memories, eh? You're welcome brian!

brian s. on march 16, 2012:

Lmfao!!!! ns was one athlete in high institution He walk it as soon as everybody slapped mine
$&!!! not to brag yet I was star running ago for my high college football team in acquired them all the time Until My junior year once I said sufficient is enough and also I punched the running back coach!!! i deffly ran some laps for that thing never did it again!!! Funny stuff man thanks dude!!!

Cliff Mendrez (author) native Philippines top top January 27, 2012:

I completely understand that. I've to be a substantial sports pan ever due to the fact that I was a kid and also I've to be trying out pretty much any type of sport I gain a opportunity to play. Ns think many human being know that it's for providing a confidence boost or anything like that, comparable with offering high-fives or a play on the shoulder. It's simply that it's distinct in sporting activities and an extremely unusual in daily activities. That's why it it s okay a lot of attention. The involvement of the butt in this gesture likewise makes the a topic because that fun and laughter. But there's no denying that although there are players that execute not evaluate butt slapping, there are countless who think about it together a vital part of any game.

chipsball from Houston, Texas USA top top January 27, 2012:

Been play all kinds of sporting activities for over 60+ years and also coaching tiny league baseball...butt slappin' has actually been a intregal component of baseball and other sporting activities for years. That is a typically used technique of an inspiration and inspirations the puts some hop in the players and also pumps lock up. ANYBODY that finds it unusual and also sexually distrubing has no idea what it' for and also what it does come the players and also coaches. Any type of other connodations through this past sports is misguided and misintrepreted. I had actually one mother from little league asking me why ns slapped her child on the butt after the made a dam great comment..." to obtain his ask in gear! That's baseball.

David from Idaho top top January 26, 2012:

Although I never appreciated the butt slapping ~ above the baseball diamond I have actually no trouble with the in my very own house.

Cliff Mendrez (author) indigenous Philippines top top January 26, 2012:

Virtual Treasures, i bet her husband doesn't follow this rules. Haha. Thanks for reading!

Tonja Petrella from Michigan on January 26, 2012:

So currently I know why my husband is constantly going around slapping mine butt and telling me "good game!" Hahahaha! good hub!

Cliff Mendrez (author) indigenous Philippines top top January 25, 2012:

Steph, isn't butt slapping extreme? two NBA players were even ejected as soon as they slapped every other! bad guys.. Say thanks to you because that reading! I'm happy you loved the hub.

Turtlewoman, I have to really clock beach volleyball more!

Kim Lam from California top top January 25, 2012:

How funny! I've pondered ~ above this subject numerous times. I also wonder why only males get involved in this ritual. The only sport whereby I've seen females butt-slap is in sand doubles volleyball.

Stephanie Marshall from Bend, Oregon ~ above January 25, 2012:

Extreme sports? LOL! yet love the hub, your wry feeling of humor and also commentary on the selected photos. Now, let's clock the Super bowl for any type of demonstrations of appropriate "butt slap" etiquette.... :)

Cliff Mendrez (author) native Philippines top top January 25, 2012:

Melovy, I'm also glad i was on-topic. I could have provided myself a target slap (a really tough one) if this wasn't accepted. Thanks for reading!

Hi alissa! The rules have to be strictly implemented! many thanks for sharing this.

ThePracticalMommy, ns wonder too. Once I have a kid, this will certainly be one of the very first things I will teach him. Probably if every parents would execute that, the target slapping in sporting activities will be gone at last.

JoshuaDR, that ascendancy is without doubt important. Have the right to you imagine males slapping every others' butts in the locker room?

Kathleen, I've only seen a photo of two female volleyball football player doing it. Perhaps I need to watch women's sports more.

Elani, I've always wondered too. I had actually those aer moments once I gave my team members a butt slap and immediately after the I'd ask myself, what go I simply do?

VendettaVixen, really amazing isn't it? give thanks to you for reading.

Donnaisabella, say thanks to you too!

Isabella Mukanda from ft Myers ~ above January 25, 2012:

That was hilarious! Thanks.

VendettaVixen from Ireland on January 25, 2012:

Fantastic hub. I've never actually wondered around the butt slap, maybe since I'm not sporty in the least and have never had to tolerate it, yet this was yes, really interesting, and also funny too.

Excellent task on tackling a quite unusual subject.

Elani-Lee from Los Angeles on January 25, 2012:

This is quite funny. I always wondered why guys did that! Hilarious hub!

Kathleen Cochran indigenous Atlanta, Georgia ~ above January 25, 2012:

Is the any an ext personal 보다 tearing off your shirt at the end of a soccer match? A butt slap is as lot a masculine bonding ritual as anything else. Ever see two girls perform it?

JoshuaDR from Charleston, SC ~ above January 25, 2012:

Good stuff. I think the most important dominion is the critical one. Listen for the horn.

voted up and also funny

Marissa native United says on January 25, 2012:

I regularly wondered about this: what would certainly prompt grown guys to slap every other's behinds during/after a sweaty game? You have to wonder, though, why this point is still acceptable after the current abuse stories in sports lately?

Your hub is hysterical nonetheless--not one I'd expect to watch from this week's WTI! thanks for the laugh!

Voted up and also sharing!

Alissa Roberts from Normandy, TN ~ above January 25, 2012:

Love this! I never knew there were rules to the arts of the target slap. Very funny - voted up and sharing this one!

Yvonne Spence from UK on January 25, 2012:

Well, this is an interesting take top top the WTI! glad it to be deemed an ideal as that is very funny, as space the photos. Thanks for a laugh.

Cliff Mendrez (author) indigenous Philippines on January 25, 2012:

Hey adjkp25! azer wasn't it? ns can't believe I go those target slaps when I to be still a kid.

David from Idaho on January 24, 2012:

I play baseball for plenty of years when I was farming up and we constantly had the one man who was completely into the target slapping thing. Personally, i never got it and also still don't. I absolutely didn't reap being on the receiving finish of them.

Cliff Mendrez (author) native Philippines on January 24, 2012:

Hi emie! There are really unspoken rules! challenge break also one of 'em and you'll pay the price. Haha. Thanks for reading!

emievil indigenous Philippines top top January 24, 2012:

Wow, I never knew there space rules for butt slapping. I thought it's simply something castle do! an excellent hub topic here. Hope to read an ext of her hubs in the future.

Cliff Mendrez (author) native Philippines ~ above January 24, 2012:

Hi Eric! Actually, I had troubles with picking under which category to put this hub into. In ~ first, I chose to placed it under American Football, together the target slap is believed to have actually started in that sport. But I scrolled down additional the sub-categories and I found the perfect match: too much Sports! ns don't understand if I need to be glad around the bots relating mine hub come wedding etiquette though. Haha.

TravelinAsia, your comment is enough. No target slaps please.

Alocsin, thank you when again. Happy you uncovered this hub funny.

Simone, give thanks to you because that this week's object inspiration. I hope this would be of assist to beginner in any type of sport. Lol.

Simone Haruko Smith from mountain Francisco ~ above January 24, 2012:

Hahaa, butt slapping in sporting activities has always cracked me up, and I've always wondered about the etiquette surrounding the issue. This Hub rocks.

Aurelio Locsin indigenous Orange County, CA on January 24, 2012:

Hilarious outline of a frequent sports ritural. Poll this Up and Funny.

TravelinAsia native Thailand/Southeast Asia top top January 24, 2012:

I loved reading this .. Brilliant! A good subject to tackle, the legnedary butt slap! I delighted in this hub so much, ns reckon you deserve a an excellent butt slap yourself.. Hahaha.. Just kidding!

Eric Newland indigenous Dayton, Ohio ~ above January 24, 2012:

Haha, ns love it! You've burned some light on a sporting activities subject the could certainly use an ext exposure. Or perhaps not.

I additionally like just how the 'bots that be determined that your hub is pertained to a hub about wedding etiquette.

Cliff Mendrez
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