A north nation farmer harvests corn. The moisture contents was not rather 15 percent once this was harvested.

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Courtesy Mike Hunter/Cornell cooperative Extension

Did you ever wonder why it appears that farmers have actually left their corn in the field to dry up and also die before harvesting?

It takes a high level of monitoring to effectively harvest and also store this corn. Corn harvested because that grain will generally be stored for several months and also sometimes even much more than a year before it is either sold or fed to your dairy cattle. In order because that it to it is in stored for these long periods of time, it have to be dried in bespeak to avoid spoiling.

Corn grain deserve to be reliably stored at 15 percent moisture without suffering any kind of quality losses. Corn growers have actually a pair of ways they have the right to dry corn. Many corn growers will usage a serial dryer to lower the kernel moisture content. This corn dryers room bins that use substantial fans that blow boil air v the grain.

Another way to dry corn is come let it dried in the ar naturally. This is why you can still check out corn standing in the ar that has yet to it is in harvested. Most of the moment corn growers will usage both methods to dry corn prior to storage.

Naturally dry corn in the ar reduces the should use propane come heat and dry the corn in the serial dryer. Ar drying prices of corn are affected by the weather.

In so late September, corn could drop 1 percent humidity in one or 2 days. In October, the drying price in the ar slows down and also by at an early stage November, it might take 4 or five days come drop 1 percent moisture. By late November, field drying rates are negligible.

This may seem like the easiest and best choice for the corn growers; however, there are risks associated with leaving the corn because that too lengthy in the field.

As the corn kernels dry naturally on the cob, the stalks are also drying out as well. These dried corn stalks are prone to breaking and also falling over before the corn is harvested. The much longer the ear of corn is left on the stalk, the less complicated it is because that it come break turn off the stalk and also fall come the ground prior to it is harvested.

Weather additionally can play a aspect in just how long a grower desires to leave his corn was standing in the field prior to harvesting. High winds, at an early stage snowfall and heavy rain are conditions corn growers carry out not desire to view this time that year. This weather events can prevent a farmer from harvesting his corn, making that at threat from losing his entirety corn crop.

Corn growers will very closely monitor every corn field to see once it should be harvested. Lock will frequently hand harvest numerous ears from the field and remove the kernels indigenous the cob to test the humidity level. They put the kernels in a handheld machine called a grain moisture tester, which offers an prompt reading the the percent moisture of the corn.

Many growers will start harvesting your corn grain when the moisture level are about 20 come 25 percent. This means when they complete harvest in a few weeks, few of the corn will have actually naturally dried closer come the appropriate moisture of 15 percent.

Remember, any type of corn harvested over 15 percent humidity will need to be dried and also this adds to the cost of the corn.

The general ascendancy of ignorance is the takes 0.02 gallons the propane to dried one bushel, or 56 pounds, the corn 1 percent. If corn is harvested at 25 percent moisture and needs to it is in dried to 15 percent, the is a difference of 10 percent.

If propane is $2 a gallon, the will price 40 cent per bushel to dry this corn (0.02 x $2 X 10= 40 cents). A 40-cent per bushel drying cost may no sound prefer a lot of money, however it add to up quickly for the corn grower. If a field of corn yields 150 bushels per acre, the drying price will be $60 per acre.

As you have the right to see, the takes a high level of administration to effectively harvest and store corn grain. Leaving the corn in the field reduces the dry cost, however increases the hazard of harvest losses.

All corn growers understand these risks and also constantly monitor your crop and the weather come make informed decisions.


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