Golfers have to be prepared for a wide selection of weather conditions because of the quantity of time they invest outdoors.

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If friend have ever seen a golfer wearing several shirts, you might question precisely what they room doing.

Here is some amazing information around golfers and also their wardrobe.

Why execute Golfers Wear 2 Shirts when They play Golf?


Golfers wear 2 shirts when they pat golf therefore they deserve to easily readjust to the weather conditions.

A golfer will certainly not be able to swing appropriately with a heavy jacket on.

However, some days, it have the right to be fairly cold for the golfer when beginning out a ring of golf.

The best method to control playing at these temperatures is come wear numerous shirts.

As the day starts to warmth up, the golfer can remove the outer layer.

Generally, the bottom shirt will have shade so the the golfer can still adhere come the course dress code also when they melted the external layers of their wardrobe.

Each great of the golfer’s wardrobe is an extremely likely going to be thin so that they have actually the greatest mobility and movement in their swing.

Golf garments is made especially to allow players to rotate and turn in their golf swing.

The fabric is also made to help golfer regulate their human body temperature.

With golf acquisition such a lengthy time come play, golfers will be exposed come many species of weather conditions.

1. How to Prepare because that Golf in the Rain


If you room heading out for a ring of golf in the rain, there space a couple of things you have the right to do to prepare yourself and your clubs.

First the all, it’s crucial to make certain the rain covering for your golf clubs is somewhere in her bag.

Hopefully, you won’t need it, but making sure it is there is a smart thing to do.

Next, you will desire to think around your attire.

It is finest to wear golf shoes that room a bit older or something the is entirely waterproof.

Golf shoes exposed come a huge amount the water and also rain may stretch and get damaged.

If a shoes is waterproof, climate you need to not need to worry.

However, if friend don’t own waterproof shoes, stay a pair friend don’t treatment as much about.

The following thing to do is to make sure you have an extra shirt or coat to put on to protect yourself a little bit from the rain.

Having a towel and also some extra rain gloves in your bag is a an excellent idea together well.

Sometimes the food is walking to get so wet the you will finish up having actually to leave and finish her round another day.

If you make these preparations, the moment you space out in the rain is going to go lot faster and still allow you come play well.

2. Exactly how to Prepare because that a warm Day on the Golf Course


You may think playing golf in the warm weather is just something you have to deal with.

Luckily, there are a few things you deserve to do come make certain you are all set for a work on the golf course v high temperatures.

One of the finest things you deserve to do is protect yourself native the sun.

Wear light colors which additionally have part SPF protection.

This will aid to make sure the sun’s rays execute not damage your skin if you room on the golf course.

Another smart idea is to fill your sunglasses and also a hat.

One that our favorite tricks for playing golf top top a warm day is to carry a wet bath towel along.

Don’t use this bath towel for her golf clubs or her golf ball.

Rather, usage it for your face and neck.

You can gain the towel wet again ~ a few holes if you need to, but it will assist you regulate your body temperature along the way.

Probably most importantly, you need to pack water to drink.

When girlfriend play in the warm sun, you space going to sweat and also lose few of the liquid in your body.

If you space not replenishing with much more water, girlfriend can an extremely easily gain dehydrated.

Dehydration on the golf food is walking to reason many various health issues, and it is an essential to make certain you stop it at all costs.

3. Exactly how to Prepare because that a Windy day on the Golf Course


Another weather element you may run into on the golf course is wind.

Windy work on the course have the right to be very annoying.

In enhancement to the wind affecting your golf ball’s trip on virtually every shot, you space going to have to prepare you yourself for the wind.

Wind can dry her skin out, and also depending on the temperature, it deserve to make girlfriend a bit cooler as well.

One part of your body that is difficult to keep heat in the wind is the hands.

This is whereby you may want come look into a pair of winter golf gloves.

These gloves execute a great job of maintaining your hands heat while still improving your connection with the club.

You should likewise think about protecting your skin as soon as playing in the wind.

The wind will dry out your skin, and also you may want come wear a sunscreen or a moisturizer to protect against this native happening.

It have the right to be tough to keep a cap on in the wind together well, for this reason it’s a great idea come wear a hat that is a little bit tighter or has actually a strap.

The most important part of preparing because that golf top top a windy job is to know how to struggle a range of golf shots to keep your round from gaining up into the wind.

Do Golfers need to Wear a Collared Shirt?


Most golf courses have a requirement that a golfer must be wearing a collared shirt.

You will watch that numerous players wear a windbreaker or a coat over their collared shirt, yet generally speaking, every players top top the course should have a collar.

The dress code in golf appears to change quite a bit.

As garments is acquiring more modern-day and athletic, golfers’ choices are changing, and also therefore, friend may uncover golf courses are changing their requirements.

Recently, a golfer in a competition wore a sweatshirt designed because that golf.

Many golf clubs have currently decided the they do not accept this as being suitable attire for the course and have ruled it out.

Whenever you room in doubt about what to wear to play golf, just give the pro shop in ~ the course a call.

They will give you a really easy come understand break down of their attire rules and also make you feel much an ext comfortable.


Hopefully, girlfriend now have actually a much better understanding of what the takes come be ready for a day on the golf course.

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It’s a smart idea to have a item of outerwear the will work for assorted weather conditions.