Ever seen how your hammy stuffs his cheeks and then wanders turn off ? go you ever wonder wherein all that food go ? That’s a many food because that such a small furry boy. Where does the all go ?

As that happens, hammies like to hoard. Their name in Syria where the first hammy was discovered translated come Mr. Saddlebags. Apparently hamsters choose to lug away your food, but what do they carry out with every one of it ?


Do hamsters hide their food ?

Yes, hamsters hide their food. In fact your every hamster is hiding the bulk of the food you’re offering him.

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This is no to speak you’re overfeeding him. We’ll comment on that later on in this article.

But hamsters space hardwired come hide away most of their food, in instance of a long, tough winter. Or in instance it’s as well dangerous to go external to forage for food.

Pet hamsters still have actually this instinct, since it’s what preserved them alive for so long in the wild. So they’re no going to forget it anytime soon. After ~ all, they’ve just been with us for the last century or so.

Now let’s see how and why this all happens, so you can much better understand her friend.

Why hamsters hide your food

Hammies hide your food for a variety of reasons. To understand this we should look at the wild hamster, and also how it survives in the wild.

A wild hamster will come out of his hiding location in the evening, and also hear for predators. That he thinks the coast is clear, he’ll run around looking because that food. Now, provided the truth that hamsters are prey and also are constantly hunted through one pet or another, they move fast.

They likewise have to move fast to cover several ground, their region is huge because the locations hamsters come native are quite barren. Not lot vegetation or fruit or veggies to be found.

So hamsters take what they have the right to get, and also cover a wide area to execute so. They have the right to cover 9 km/5.5 mile in a solitary night ! Imagine those tiny feet scurrying throughout the desert or steppes to find a couple of grains.

On peak of all this, winter go come. That method less food, and also the have to stockpiling.

Hamsters have evolved, because of every these reasons, to have one huge pantry in your nest. That pantry is organized and also cleaned daily. The hammy to know what he’s acquired there, and also he to know it will certainly last him v the cold.

For convenience, because that survival, and because of scarcity. This is likewise why hamsters normally eat dry, tough grains due to the fact that those store the best. They’ve additionally evolved to have long front this to regulate eating those grains.

More top top hamster this here.

How does this analyze to your pet hamster ? Well, also if he’s a pet and also he is safe and also gets food constantly, that still has the instinct to hoard and also make sure he has enough food. It’s something pets hamsters will most likely never forget.

When hamsters hide your food

Hammies love come hide your food. They don’t usually require a time the the year come hide it, they always hide it. Anytime they find some food, they’ll hide it in their amazingly elastic cheek pouches and also carry it through them.

This means they’ll likewise have snacks along the way, and also they don’t have to drop all their food if a predator come along.

So your pet hamster will hide his food as soon as he find it. This means that best after you placed food in his tiny bowl, he will sniff it and start putting it in his cheeks.

He’ll ingredient his cheeks through as lot food you’ve provided him, or as lot as his cheeks can carry.

Then, he’ll wander off to his hideout, and also put that in his food stash. Much more on that later in the article.

Once his stash has actually been included to, he can stay there and also eat a few bits the the food. Or, he could come out and play, or operation on his wheel. Once he to know he’s gained food, that won’t worry around much.

If you provide him added bits of food, after his feeding time, he will still take those. Hamsters space greedy little things, regardless of how much or how tiny food they have in their stash. Lock will constantly take the food offered.

If it’s a food the spoils immediately, choose a item of cook chicken or egg white, he’ll eat it appropriate then and there. If it’s a food that keeps, consisting of cheese, he’ll store it away.

Where execute hamsters hide your food

Alright, hammies keep their food, we recognize why and we know when. Yet where precisely do hamsters store their food ?

Well, perhaps you’ve noticed, maybe not. Hamsters are an excellent at hiding. But whenever friend clean her hamster’s cage you’ll see he has actually a corner, tucked away in his hideout or nest, and it’s got plenty the food.

That’s the hammy’s storage place, or food stash. That’s where he keeps all the food you offer him, and it’s convenient.

Next time your think your hammy is sleeping shot this. Keep your ears open up for any chewing or little crunching sound. That’ll be her hammy acquisition a midnight snack.

Hamsters keep their food close, and it will typically be in the lowest part of their nest. Together in, lock will build their resting area on height of the food, if they have actually no various other option.

In the wild hamsters only keep their food in a special, devoted room. They have actually a different room for sleeping, another one because that peeing, and so on.

Hamsters are very organized, and also in the wild their residence is actually a collection of tunnels on numerous levels, with numerous rooms.

As a pet, they have actually either the hideout you carry out them, or the nest they’ve constructed in a edge of the cage. Because that the sake of your hammy’s sanity, do acquire him a hideout.

Or in ~ the an extremely least kinds a hidden, covered corner of the cage and you’ll watch that’s wherein he will hide.

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Can you protect against your hamster native hiding his food ?

No. You can’t prevent your hamster from hiding his food. It would be favor trying to protect against a dog indigenous howling as soon as he hears various other dogs.

Or a cat indigenous surveying whatever from the tallest object in her home. Or a parakeet native being… well, silly and noisy.

It’s what the animal does, and also it’s your instinct.

A hamster will constantly hide his food, because this is what he knows. He to know food is scarce, and life in the desert or steppes is harsh, and also he needs to survive.

The truth that he gets a steady, continual food it is provided from you is simply happenstance for him. Giving him much more food will certainly only mean a larger food stash that will end up spoiling since he can’t eat the all.

On the various other hand, underfeeding her hamster will certainly only offer him a sense of anxiety. Having only enough food to eat in one sitting, and also nothing come bring ago home will certainly make the stressed.

Hamsters react really poorly come stress and also can develop serious troubles like hair loss, wet tail, and a collection of digestive problems.

So give your hamster food as usual, 2 teaspoons because that a Syrian, and one teaspoon for a Dwarf type. That’s daily, and also it’s because that commercial mixes that have lots of dried grains and seeds and also vitamins included in.

He will have sufficient food come eat, and also to hide. Carry out keep in mind that older hamsters become very picky, and also won’t eat all of their food.

Which foods items are okay for hamsters

This is a object I’ve extended in a different article. Here you’ll uncover a whole list the safe and also unsafe foods you can offer your hamster. Part are already in her pantry, or fridge.

However I perform recommend a advertisement food mix to give to her hammy, due to the fact that that will have a well balanced diet because that him, with all the nutrient he needs.

At a glance, hamsters eat mostly grains. They room omnivores, and also will eat many things they find. But, not all space okay because that them. Again, describe the food perform I’ve linked above.

Aside from grains, hammies eat veggies, some root-type veggies, some fruits, a pair of insects, and lots that seeds and nuts. Really acidic foodstuffs like citrus or garlic or onion, and spices in basic are an extremely bad because that hamsters.

A word indigenous Teddy

I hope you discovered what friend were trying to find in this article. United state hammies love come hide our food, simply so we understand we’ve got sufficient to last us for numerous days. It;s not you, it’s simply us being hamsters.

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If you desire to know much more about united state hammies and also how to treatment for us, you need to read the short articles below for more info.