The unwarranted hiccup after a meal isn’t just a dinner party buzzkill, it have the right to be downright uncomfortable.

But why the heck are you only gaining hiccups after girlfriend eat? Here’s those to blame (and how to avoid) that unwanted hiccup interruption.

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A quick anatomy lesson. Her esophagus is the tube that connects your stomach to her throat.

A 2012 research review confirmed that if her esophagus it s okay irritated ~ a nom-fest, this have the right to lead to those pesky hiccups. Post-meal, jean-button-undoing bloat can likewise be come blame. Here’s what can reason these scenarios.

1. Eating too fast

Eating also fast way your stomach is pour it until it is full up also quickly, causing it to become swollen and bloated (aka distension). This can trigger hiccups together your stomach presses or irritates your diaphragm (the muscle right above your stomach the helps girlfriend breathe).

2. Temperature changes

Even a temp adjust can cause hiccups. If friend chow under on other super hot or cold, it can irritate the temperature of her esophagus and lead to hiccups. This could additionally be pertained to stimulating the phrenic nerve and also the vagus nerve that cause the diaphragm to contract.

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3. Spicy foods items

Spicy food not only sets her mouth ~ above fire