Tail docking has come to be a extensively conttasiilaq.netsial problem condemned together cruel and unnecessary by pet rights advocatesand defendedasnecessary for working dogs or dogs at risk to tail injuries. Thejury is separation inthe tasiilaq.net’s Q&A Communityon tail docking.Half the respondents think it’s cosmetic and the other half see instances where it could be necessary.

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We speak to the founder of The Pet well-being Academy, Dr. Katie Kangas, and holistic vet Dr. Patrick Mahaney to get the truth behind modern docking. We also heardonepet parent’strue story that emergency tail amputation due to injury, and also how various other dog owners react to their dog now doing not have a tail.


Once Wiley’s tail to be amputated, a lot of of human being assumed he to be docked because that cosmetic purposes.

As a former vet assistant, walking knew what she was talk about. She eventually uncovered an emergency veterinary clinic to carry out the procedure and now Wiley is thriving.

“At first, that was more clumsy and he tried to lick it, yet once he establish he could not chew his tail anymore, the relaxed,” wade adds.

One point the Wades are still trying to gain used to are the dirty looks and nasty comments from various other pet parents who assume they obtained Wiley’s tail docked for looks.

“We get a many of an unfavorable feedback ~ above Wiley’s tail,” wade says. “People should realize every dog is different. Don’t be an unfavorable and nasty to who else when you don’t understand them or the situation.”

The Bottom Line

Docking because that cosmetic objectives is a hotly disputed topic, with plenty of dog owners and also vets staunchly opposing the practice and even advocating outlawing the procedure. Although over there is a decrease in the variety of dogs who need their tails docked for useful or clinical purposes, those instances still exist. As the wade story explains, it’s risky to i think every dog v a docked tail had it excellent purely for looks.

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Top photo via Flickr CC/Carol Von Cannon

The information listed in this write-up is no a instead of for skilled veterinary help.