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Answer: France many of the movie is in Paris and also Marseille whereby Fernand and also Edmond lived. Although, part of the movie is set in Rome whereby Albert is kidnapped.
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Answer: Elba This is wherein Napoleon was exiled. To avoid him from gift rescued the British would shoot anyone that came ashore, which describes Edmond and also Fernand"s small adventure.
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Answer: Napoleon Napoleon asks Edmond to provide a letter to an old friend, however to tell no one the he has actually been given the letter. The letter has information around Napoleon"s captivity on Elba, and Edmond is arrested for treason because he is delivering it.
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Answer: Napoleon Bonaparte once Napoleon request Edmond why he and also Fernand exchanged the king chess piece, Edmond told him it signifies gift the king of the moment. Come which Napoleon responds that the civilization is consisted of of either monarchs or pawns.
Answer: Edmond This was said to Mercedes once Edmond met her and also Fernand in ~ the rock. He was excited because that he had actually just to be made captain due to the fact that of his actions while the former captain to be ill. In this scene you likewise begin come see much more of how Fernand really feels about Edmond.
Answer: the was offered his captain"s papers. Edmond in reality gets advocated for make the decision to get help for his sick captain. Danglars, the very first mate, was reprimanded because that trying to stop Dantes from making harbor at Elba.
9 What room the missing words? Edmond: "Why?!" Fernand:"Because you"re the boy of a _______, and I"m not claimed to ________ to it is in you!"

Answer: clerk desire This is just one of my favourite estimates in the movie. The shows just how much Fernand is consumed by jealousy. So lot so the he sends out Edmond come the Chateau d"If.
Answer: come cover for a family members member The letter was written to Monsoir Clarion, Villefort"s father. Edmond was unaware the the materials of the letter, because that he can not read and Napoleon lied come him, assuring him that the materials were innocent.
Answer: 14 that is customary the every new inmate gets a beating top top his an initial day by the warden, and one whipping yearly on the day of their imprisonment so the they have the right to keep track of the time.

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Answer: Clarion He stated this once his kid was confronting him, in his hope for the return the the Emperor Napoleon. Because he was among Napoleon"s agents, the was viewed as a hazard to Villefort and his status.
Answer: 72,519 ns love the comment the priest makes, "But have actually you called them yet?" This was said simply after the priest dug right into Edmond"s cell. Edmond had been placed in this cell after gift accused the treason.
Answer: a whipping The wonderfully evil Michael Wincott theatre the evil warden that the Chateau d"If.