OK, in my opinion the method Laurent action in new Moon was out of character because that him. Why would certainly he actually want to death Bella? He no owe James or Victoria anything. The literally want to leave James’ coven, and we find out in MS that James to be low crucial planning on killing Laurent. For this reason why would certainly he desire to aid Victoria? I recognize he didn’t know exactly how James felt about him, however he literally to be embarrassed and frighten through James and also was searching for an out. It just is out of character and also makes no feeling to me.

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He was hungry and Bella smelled good. We've every been there, don't deny it. No w ppl tho, i was talking around food...just clarifying

I just ordered this from his wiki:

When Victoria sought him out—and after he was certain she was no there to kill—he to be seduced anew through the old type of command. He additionally told her around the Cullens' powers. He decided to keep the lines of communication open through her, and do she the one favor she inquiry of him: to spy top top Bella and also the Cullens.

So after James was killed, Victoria asked because that his help. Ns guess while that felt some loyalty to the Denali clan, he didn't feel obligated to safeguard the Cullens.

I agree it’s weird the he would perform Victoria a donate by check on the Forks situation. However as far as wanting to death Bella, Victoria desperately want to carry out that it s her so in that facet he’d actually be taking something away from Victoria.

I get the impression from analysis his ago story that Laurent is weak-willed. He invested basically his whole history looking because that vampires he felt were an effective and complied with them roughly hoping it would rub off on him. The last Romanians, the Volturi (who didn't let that join because he so lot as interacted with the Romanians), James and also Victoria, then finally the Denali coven because he hope they'd have actually the very same strength he experienced in the Cullens.

He's immortal and gets bored. That was one of the canon factors why he joined James and also Victoria in the an initial place. Possibly spying for Victoria is his way of easing the boredom. Sure, the Denalis to be exciting. However he had been a human being blood drinker for much too long for the amount the time (just a few months of remaining with them) to create a far-reaching change to his character.

I attributed it more to the reality that he had actually been trying to go vegetarian while that was through the Denalis. Encountering Bella (whose blood smells particularly great to basically every immortal) after no having had actually human blood in a while (not sure the specific length the time he'd been through Irina at the point) would have likely been too alluring come resist, for this reason the desire to death her. Especially since he knew Victoria intended to death her. If she was going to dice anyway the may also get to be the one to obtain to drink she blood.

Laurent was most likely bored the Denali life and also Victoria draw close him provided him an excuse to fall ago on his old ways and also get up to some mischief. He's an opportunist and pleasure seeker to his core so Bella was usually a practically meal and he to be probably having a laugh inside reasoning he gained the autumn on Victoria.

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