Pet rabbits screen a wide selection of strange and also sometimes lover behaviors. Behind each of these behaviors lies an evolutionary adaptation to life in the wild. Now that they’re in your home, what carry out these odd actions mean?

In this article, fine cover the numerous different factors that a rabbit could dig and scratch on her clothes. Then, we’ll carry out you with a few foolproof strategies to help stop your rabbit indigenous digging on your clothes.

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Reasons your Rabbit might Dig and also Scratch on her Clothes

There are many reasons your rabbit might dig and scratch on her clothes. Right here are the most common reasons:

Not Spayed or Neutered

Before a rabbit is spayed or neutered, your hormones can aggravate specific behaviors. Digging and scratching is a common show of bunny aggression when they room not spayed or neutered.

Going v Their “Terrible Teens”

In House rabbit Handbook by Marinell Harriman, the author observes that “the stage of extreme curiosity, hyperactivity, and frantic chewing and also digging wake up at the height of adolescence (4-8 months).” at this time, her rabbit is akin come a moody teenager and may chew and also dig at your clothes for no identifiable reason.

To record Their Nails

Rabbits must keep your nails trimmed to prevent painful snags and tears. If you’re no trimming your nails regularly, they’ll find various ways to do so – prefer scratching at her clothes.

Image: Popsugar Living

Because They desire Your Attention

Sometimes your rabbit just needs much more love and also attention. They’ll gladly permit you know this through roughing you increase while you’re sitting on the couch.

You’re in your Way

Heaven forbid you execute not notice that your rabbit is trying to acquire through somewhere that you’re standing! If your rabbit is the impatient type, they’ll regularly nudge, dig, or scrape at her feet and also pants to let you know you should move.

Asserting Dominance

Un-neutered male rabbits are specifically guilty the this, specifically if you additionally have a female rabbit in the house. They’ll dig and also scratch in ~ you to make certain everyone to know who’s boss.

Feeling Playful


When a hare feels very comfortable roughly you, they might lightly paw at you to start a happy back-and-forth. Extremely recommended to paw right back at them.

They might Be frustrated or Anxious

Digging and also scratching are actions that rabbits exhibit as soon as they’re emotion unpleasant emotions.

Angry at You because that Leaving them in a Cage

Rabbits require plenty of room to relocate around and exercise and will develop a foul temper if left inside of too tiny an enclosure for as well long.

Following Their natural Instincts

In the wild, rabbits destruction burrows every spring for the birth of their children. Also spayed and neutered rabbits will exhibit this deep embedded actions as shortly as winter’s frost disappears.

Offended by exactly how You Smell

Most rabbits space offended by particularly strong or pungent smells, like wearing too much cologne or chopping garlic. Because they associate this smells v danger, they’ll dig and scratch in ~ you to try and gain you to relocate your smells far from them.

Nowhere else to Dig

Does her rabbit have actually plenty the hay or part cardboard boxes to dig and scratch on? If not, castle may choose you together their scratching post instead.

Ways to protect against Your rabbit from Digging on your Clothes

If her rabbit is being specifically aggressive, below are a couple of strategies come discourage them from digging and scratching at you:

1. Gain Them much more Toys

Keeping your rabbit lived in with plenty of points to chew on – or even just a ridge of cardboard crate – will offer them plenty of much better things to do than dig and scratch in ~ you.

2. Spay or Neuter your Rabbit

Especially if your rabbit is in your adolescent phase, having actually them de-sexed might be the just option that treats digging and also scratching long-term.

3. Trim their Nails an ext Often

If you store your rabbit’s pond trim, they’ll feel much less inclined to document them under on your clothes and skin.

4. Give Them much more Hay

Hay is both a rabbit’s main dietary requirement and also their favorite bedding. If you an alert your hare digging more in the springtime, provide them lot of of hay to do a mock burrow with.

Image: vampy24 from Pixabay

5. Let out a small Yelp

Bunnies room sensitive and intelligent, and also able come tell when you’re ache or angry. A small, high-pitched scream when they destruction at you deserve to dissuade lock from continuing this behavior.

6. Try Out a Grass Rug

Woven grass mats space a versatile enhancement to her home, and also a surefire method of offering your hare something to chew and also scratch at instead of your clothes.

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7. Bribe Them through Treats

If all else fails, distract her rabbit indigenous beating you up by bribing them through greens or fruit in a different component of the house.


Final thoughts on Why Rabbits destruction at her Clothes

We might never be able to know the exact workings the a rabbit’s mind, but actions like digging and also scratching room preventable and avoidable. Even if it is the cause of your rabbit’s digging and scratching has much more to do with hormones, anxiety, or boredom, you deserve to follow the steps above to train this actions out that them. Treat her rabbit well, and also they’ll show you love and also affection best back!