The expedition in took shelter in the cave due to the fact that a storm cd driver the expedition into a cave, wherein they are attacked by goblins.2. Why no Gandalf captured?

Gandalf isn’t captured because he wake up up when Bilbo yells, and escapes through striking the goblins v lightning.3. What execute goblins usually do with their prisoners?

The goblins commonly by do them slaves at do their instruments until they dice for desire of air and also light.4. Just how does Gandalf rescue Bilbo and also the dwarves?

Gandalf rescues Bilbo and the dwarves by death the good Goblin and also distracted the rest, slaughtering them when they tried come strike back.5. What do you think the feel of the team are at this moment now the they have found shelter? Is there any tension between any type of of the characters?

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