Recently, ns noticed some quite funny and weird Google search suggestions therefore I determined to execute a list around it!
1 I hate it as soon as Adolf Hitler steals mine nutella

I fight Hitler for stealing my Nutella and also then he changed his last surname from through beautiful action.

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I understand right? This happens to me every the time!

That dang Hitler. Always stealing ours Nutella.

2 I hate it as soon as Voldemort uses my shampoo

That dang Voldemort. Constantly using ours shampoo.

No. The doesn"t care for shampoo.

4 Why isn"t eleven pronounce "onety one"

I always wondered why. This is usually why the Chinese have the advantage in mental math! It"s about the language!

Laugh out loud!I was laughing so much at this!

5 I dislike it once Jesus rides dinosaurs in mine house

That dang Jesus. Constantly riding dinosaurs in our house.

What! Jesus to be born on 0 A. D. When dinosaurs were numerous years ago

6 Sometimes I like to lay on the floor and pretend I"m a carrot

As shortly as I experienced this i looked that up and it is in reality there!

7 I hate it when you go outside and someone throws a cow at you

That dang someone. Always throwing cows in ~ you.

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8 I dislike it once the Loch Ness monster asks me for 3.50

That dang Loch Ness Monster. Always asking united state for 3.50.

Dang Loch Ness Monster! ns told you ns ain"t providing you any type of tree fiddy!

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