Before his death, Future Gohan is maybe the most an effective warrior to have lived on Earth, but is weaker contrasted to his existing timeline counterpart when he battled the immensely powerful Android, Cell. In the manga, when Future Trunks attained his supervisor Saiyan form, the struggled versus Future Gohan’s base form.

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Can future Gohan win androids?

To answer your question, no, Future Gohan would certainly not have the ability to defeat any kind of of the Androids even if it to be a one on one battle.

Is Future Trunks more powerful than future Gohan?

Future Trunks was more powerful than Gohan throughout the duration between RoF and also the ToP. However, this was due in component to the truth that Gohan’s decision to prevent training (which is a stupid decision to make in a Shonen series, however I digress), which calculation him to come to be the weakest adult Saiyan.

Is Future Gohan weaker?

Future Gohan wasn’t weak contrasted to the existing one. … He had no one come train that unlike his Present equivalent that trained v Goku and Piccolo because that years. The was concentrated on maintain Future Trunks to end up being a SSJ.

Can future son ogong beat androids?

Yes, and in the main timeline, goku from Trunk’s timeline would certainly decide come train in Hyperbolic Time Chamber, for this reason he will have the ability to defeat the androids, now when it comes to Cell, the shouldn’t have any problems since it would certainly be cabinet in his first form, and as we saw Future Trunks stomps him.

Who eliminated Gohan?

In the movie, he is eliminated by lord Piccolo in his find for the Four-Star Dragon Ball, fairly than Goku. In the movie, Gohan gives Goku this Dragon ball as a gift because that his 18th birthday.

Does Goten die?

Goten dies in addition to Trunks, Gohan, Piccolo, and also the other survivors when Kid Buu blows up the Earth, yet he is brought earlier to life along with the others killed by Buu with the Namekian Dragon Balls.

Can Gohan beat Vegeta?

In just around every arc, Gohan controlled to surpass Vegeta in some regard. Gohan is responsible for beating Vegeta in the Saiyan arc; Gohan fights Freeza the many while Vegeta cowers in a corner; and Gohan is the one who breaks previous the supervisor Saiyan threshold in the cell arc.

Why Gohan is weak in super?

The amount of time that’s happen in Dragon ball Super is apparently open up to interpretation. In BoG, Gohan was probably still the strongest or at least on the exact same level together Goku before he go SSJG, thus the reason why lock made it a allude to have him step in as if he was the only one who might stop Beerus.

Why are future androids weaker?

Androids 17 and also 18 room weaker due to the fact that the Z fighters didn’t prepare for the upcoming Android threat, thus setting the bar because that killing Goku lot lower. Also, son ogong is dead due to the love virus. Android 16 is either scrapped, or never finished by the time Gero is eliminated by Future 17.

Is Future Gohan stronger than Goku?

Future Gohan to be weaker than Goku on Namek. Ns base this top top Gohan saying he wore the orange gi therefore he could be as solid as his dad before he died.

How go future Gohan shed his arm?

Gohan loser the usage of his eight in his final fight with Cell when he do the efforts to conserve Vegeta from a blast plan to death him and Future Gohan loser his arm totally after protecting Trunks native the androids.

Is Gohan stronger than Goku?

Gohan’s fight through Kefla in the manga version of Dragon round Super reveals that the boy of goku is lot stronger than initially thought. During the cabinet Saga, Gohan ended up being the show’s the strongest hero, yet slacked turn off on his training as he flourished older.

Who defeated the androids?

Piccolo climate eats a Senzu Bean and challenges Android 20 to a fight. He gains the upper hand the the fight, beating Android 20 through several powerful blows and ripping the Android’s arm off so that he have the right to not absorb anymore energy.

Who defeated Android 17?

Years later, #17 is eliminated a second time as soon as Majin Buu destroys the Earth, being restored along through all other great people ~ above Earth and donating his power to Goku’s soul Bomb to annihilate Majin Buu.

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Who carry out the Androids kill?

The only human being who died (besides Gero) throughout the Androids dispute were eliminated by 13, 14, 15, 19, 20, or Cell. Other than Gero, 17 and also 18’s hands space clean.

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