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Last Friday morning, I started up my 2000 emphasis (SE - Zetec) because that my quick morning commute and noted that the engine appeared to be to run rough. The automobile had been moved the night before and also ran normally. The night to be cool and also misty and during the night, the temperature dropped to below freezing, therefore the grass to be white and there to be a slim layer that frost top top the auto when I started it. After cleaning off the frost, ns took off down the street and noted the engine wasn\"t running rather right, however I landed on the office without far-ranging trouble. I guessed that there might have been part moisture that had acquired into something (sensor or ignition module) and also figured that perhaps in the daytime heating, the problem would clean itself.After work, ns got earlier in the car and, to mine chagrin, the rough performance persisted.The following time I obtained in the automobile was to journey to the airport come drop turn off my daughter. Ns took the Focus because I believed the much longer ride might clear out whatever was resulting in the problem, or would trigger the computer system to document a diagnostic code. Well, about half way to the airport, the problem got significantly worse. Currently the engine felt prefer it was running just on three cylinders. The examine engine light started flashing furiously.At this point, i was cursed to perfect the trip, therefore I propelled on to the airport. As soon as I arrived and also parked the car, there to be a smell coming from the engine . . . It wasn\"t oil and it wasn\"t antifreeze. I popped the hoodand noticed steam whisping from among the spark plug boots.I pulled out the spark plug boots and, to mine surprise, there was water top top the head that was deep sufficient to fill each spark plug well and also bridge from cylinder to cylinder!I allow the vehicle cool because that a while and then went around trying come wick out the water with paper towel. Ns couldn\"t get the file towel down into the spark plug wells, for this reason I provided the pump native a window cleaner spray party to pump the end the last of the rusty water. When every one of the water to be out, Ireconnected the spark plug boots and also the engine started and ran perfectly.When i got back from the airport, I when again traction a spark plug boot and looked inside. I found what I intended to see, a completely dry head.

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But I likewise noticed the the spark plug boots was completely covered in rust from the water that had been standing inside.Has anyone else competent a problem like this? ns can\"t imaging wherein so lot water could have come indigenous or just how long it could have been there. I would have thought that the head it s okay hot enough to drive off any type of moisture that can condense in this area!