I understand that starch will certainly precipitate from an aqueous solution in the visibility of alcohol. I also understand the molar mass effects solubility and starch has actually a reasonably high molar mass. Over there is likewise an issue about the polarity of the solute and also solvent.

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Is the insolubility of strength (which has the kind $\ce(C6H10O5)$_n$$) in ethanol only as result of the truth that strength is polar and also ethanol is just slightly polar?


Due to the fact that strength (amylum) is a polysaccharide , a long chain compound consisting that glucose monomers the has bad solubilty in many solvents.

Some starches space water soluble since of the hydroxyl groups connected in the polysaccharide chain, some favor the branched type amylopectin are more insoluble.

Starches type granules in equipment with cold water, the granules break down as the water is heated and can it is in solubilized.

When ethanol is added, i beg your pardon is much less polar 보다 water, that lowers the solubility and also potential hydrogen bonds of the strength , because the water is much more attracted come the alcohol 보다 the starch, the starch is dehydrated by the alcohol and also precipitates.

So when polarity and also temperature room variables to starches bad solubility, the an essential variable in this situation is the starches ability to hydrogen bond v the solvent.

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