A.J. Calloway made a surname for self as one of the originalhosts that BET’s 106 & Park. After ~ he and co-host cost-free left the showin 2005, he landed a project as a hold on Extra, wherein he ongoing to workas a television host. Calloway to be suspended from his function at Extra in Februaryof this year ~ mounting reports of sex-related misconduct claims, and now thingshave taken another turn—and not in his favor.

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AJ Calloway | Getty Images/Patrick McMullan

Warner Bros. Concerns statement around Calloway’s employment through ‘Extra’

Warner Bros., the parent agency of Extra TV, originally placed Calloway ~ above suspension ~ learning about rape allegations. In ~ the time, the agency conducted its very own investigation into whether over there were any victims ~ above the job, however in light of lot of reports, chose to broaden the border of their inquiries.

TV organize A.J. Calloway will certainly leave \"Extra\" amid sex-related misconduct allegations https://t.co/XEte655zLu

— TIME (

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The connected Pressreported that last mainly Warner Bros. Announced, “The firm has investigated the insurance claims made into Mr. Calloway’s conductand he and also the agency have mutually agreed to component ways.”

At the moment of his suspension in February, Calloway’sattorney, Lisa E. Davis, proclaimed that her client called the claims versus himfalse and also he to plan to clear his name. She called The Hollywood Reporter:

“These allegations are fully false. Mr. Calloway has never sexually assaulted anyone and is ravaged that he is being falsely accused that such terrible conduct. Throughout his career, Mr. Calloway has actually been a tireless support for ar empowerment and also equality and justice for all world regardless the gender, race, sexual orientation or gender expression.” 

When the claims versus Calloway began

Last June, The Hollywood Reporter spoke to journalist Sil Lai Abrams who mutual that she was sexually struck by Calloway in new York in 2006. He to be arrested but the charges to be dismissed ~ above a technicality.

A few months later, two various other women decided to come forward withsimilar story that were published in the DailyBeast. Lock both stated they to be raped through Calloway, and also one made decision to breakher anonymity and also told THR that after reading about Abrams, she report her2008 attack to the police in West Orange County, brand-new Jersey. Due to the fact that last June,multiple accusers have spoken out and THRpublished their accounts in an post detailing the insidious encounters.

According to the article, the incidents arisen between2003 and also 2013 and also in lot of states including California and brand-new Jersey, and sometimesthe strikes took ar at his house.

Many of the women detailed that they originally never believed that he would certainly be the kind who would certainly commit together an act. Based on his image as a “family man” and also his demeanor ~ above television, Calloway seemed like a reliable individual. He’s to be married to his current wife since 2013 and also has 3 children.

Since news damaged that the former host was let go from Extra, nobody from his camp—including his attorney—has issued a statement. There room several open up criminal investigations pending v regard to sexual attack claims. In ~ this time, no various other formal charges have actually been filed against Calloway.