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I"m fairly brand-new at this game but when ns took off my front rims and tires the diameter of the in salt is 16 inches and also the tires are 15"s...Intuitively this provides no sense to me...Is this possible?Tire size on outside wall shows 165R15(Signet) Tall and also skinny. Castle sit about 25 and 1/2 inches high which is developing some problem with transforming radius and also rubbing on the Fender well headers.The rims room "Weld" (front and also back) and also the behind tires are 25560 R15 ~ above the same sized rim as up front and also are method too tight... Any kind of suggestions or feedback?Thanks.

are girlfriend measuring come the very outside leaf of the pickled in salt barry?measurement is taken at the inside lip that rim.

15" tire will not right on a 16" rim and also vice versa... Space you do the efforts to mountain tires. If so they could be a reverse mount rim. Definition the tires mounts indigenous the back side the the rim in the direction of the front. RICK

I seriously doubt the rims room 16". If you room measuring top top the exterior edge that the wheel, you will certainly not acquire the correct size. You should measure at the bead area of the wheel.I don"t know of any method or any type of shop that would put 15" tires top top 16" wheels. There are fitment issues with truck tires v 16" tires ~ above 16.5" wheels.The stock size tire was approx. 24.5" in diameter. Acquire a tire size closer to the size and also you will most likely be good.
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Measuring indigenous Lip come Lip
When measure the rims i just took a tape and also measured native one lip come the other and also the street was 16 inches (tires space on the rim).

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You have to measure the inside lip that the rim without the tire being mounted. The rim width and diameter might be stamped top top the pickled in salt somewhere. RICK
I appreciate the help!
Thanks guys....I appreciate the help. I"m simply in the process of notified the components from lining at CBR because that conversion R&P steering, upper and lower tubular arms, coil over fronts and also he was arguing using the vari shocks that offered the automobile a 2 customs drop (based on kind of shock fitting/adapter to be supplied on the original strut tower). Apparently,the 2 customs drop can also be completed with a fall spindle but given what I have actually (existing 2 piece style spindle) fits up over there is no must do that.I eliminated the former rims to ensure my spindles/current key brakes/rotors would certainly fit through his gear. Throughout the process he wondered about whether ns was having actually tire rubbing worries with either my fenders or headers...I have actually fender well headers and also I am having both....The front tire is sitting to high in ~ 25.5 inches and also when I put on the brand-new uppers on..... Reportedly that will relocate the wheels earlier a 1/2 inch so I"m walk to require to uncover some sort of much better fit for the front....All of this got me thinking about the tires size and also what ns will must do... Thanks as constantly for the an excellent input!Barry.