Will aerosols explode in their confirm baggage is a inquiry many people who haven’t flown prior to (and some who have) seem to ask quite frequently. But with the increased levels of protection that exist in today’s world, the is no surprising that people are unsure.

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Aerosols will not explode in luggage as soon as they room in the aircraft’s baggage hold. TSA and also FAA regulations do restrict the carriage that certain varieties of aerosol cans on a plane if they contain flammable liquids, oxygen and some other gases together they might explode in the unlikely occasion of a fire.

The improbability that aerosol can be ~ exploding uses to every toiletry aerosols on airplane in host luggage, including those containing deodorant, antiperspirant, dried shampoos, hairspray, human body spray and also suntan lotion.


The entirety aircraft is pressurized come the equivalent of being at 6000-8000 feet. This is usually a lower pressure than at the airport you take off from (unless you take turn off from a hill airport). But it is no sufficiently short for one aerosol can to explode.

Rarely room there situations where the pressurization system on a aircraft have failed, well-known as explosive decompression. As much as ns am aware, even when this has taken place, the aerosol cans on board, one of two people in the cabin or in confirm luggage, have actually not exploded.

However, have to the pressurization device fail, the reduced air pressure even at 40,000 feet will certainly still not be enough to make the aerosol containers fail. In fact, even in the vacuum of an are they would certainly be unlikely to burst.

Enjoy your flight and don’t issue – her aerosols will be fine!


The FAA have carried out extrensive research study on this and this is a attach to a report made for the FAA Technical facility looking right into the Hazzards the Aerosol cans in aircraft Cargo Compartments.


No, your inhaler will not explode on a plane. You can pack the in your checked luggage however it is probably far better with friend in your bring on in case you require it top top the flight.

Your spray sunscreen will certainly not burst on a aircraft whether the is in pump or aerosol form. You can take it in your bring on if it is smaller than 3.4 oz otherwise you need to location it in your checked baggage.

No, dry shampoo will not explode on a aircraft in one aerosol can. You can take dry shampoo in your lug on but only if that is no larger than 3.4 ounces otherwise you need to put the in your checked luggage.

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No, be affected by each other spray will certainly not to explode on an plane in one aerosol can. Girlfriend cannot take it it in your bring on luggage, or with airport security, so friend will must put that in your confirm luggage.

No, pepper spray will not to explode on an airplane in an aerosol can. You are not allowed to take it pepper spray or any an individual defense spray in your bring on bag, or through airport security, so friend will require to load it in your checked luggage.

No, hair spray will not explode on an plane in carry on or checked bags. You deserve to take hair spray in your lug on yet only if it is no bigger than 3.4 ounces otherwise you require to load it in your confirm luggage.

Shaving cream will not explode on a plane in lug on or checked bags. You can take shaving gels and also cream in your lug on however only if it is no bigger than 3.4 ounces otherwise you require to load it in your checked luggage.

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Soda cans are unlikely come burst or leak in checked baggage unless they room damaged in some way. If you need to fill them, to it is in safe, put them in a sealed plastic bag or container so if they do burst climate the materials will not spill end the other contents of your checked bags.