They might be the nation’s second-biggest home development retailer, however does Lowe’s hire felons? We wanted to know, too. At Relaunch Pad, us directly call companies to specifically ask them about their hiring plans for former felons.

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Keep reading and also you will discover answers to these questions, and more:

Does Lowe’s hire civilization with misdemeanors?What is your recommended technique for applying?Does Lowe’s perform background checks?What entry-level jobs does Lowe’s have?

It’s no an enig that having actually a record comes v unfair judgements. Because a most writers at Relaunch Pad either have a record or have helped felons the end before, we understand what it’s like. That’s why we all work so hard to aid people with records overcome those judgements. Applying for tasks as a felon may be hard, but you don’t have to do it alone!

You’re here due to the fact that you desire to obtain a job at Lowe’s through a felony. Well, Lowe’s is a substantial company has nearly 300,000 employees spread out end 2,370 locations, so opportunities are they’re hiring because that something in your area. Let’s acquire started and also find out just how to acquire hired at Lowe’s!

Does Lowe’s hire felons?

Image: Wikimedia Commons. Miosotis Jade.

Official firm policy for hiring felons

We weren’t maybe to gain in call with Lowe’s to discover their hiring policy about those through records. We will continue trying to contact them to acquire answers i beg your pardon can help increase your chances of gaining hired.

That said, us researched Lowe’s and also have everything we learned below. Need to we get any updates from them, us will modify this post to reflect that.

Has Lowe’s rental felons in the past?

Does Lowe’s hire felons? Commenters online indicated that former felons have acquired hired here before, so it looks favor yes!

Does Lowe’s hire people with misdemeanors?

It shows up as despite Lowe’s hires human being with misdemeanors together well.

Is Lowe’s ~ above the Ban the box list?

The Ban the box campaign intends to get rid of the crate on employed applications that asks civilization to disclose if they have any type of felonies or misdemeanors on their record. The same Chance company Pledge, ~ above the other hand, is a pledge suppliers make to not discriminate in your hiring process.

Both of this programs are necessary to previous felons. Providers that get involved in either or both programs may be much more likely to hire felons.

Unfortunately, Lowe’s is no a component of the Ban package initiative. Castle are also not part of The fair Chance company Pledge.

Does Lowe’s have special programs for hiring felons?

Lowe’s does not have any kind of special programs for hiring world with criminal records.

What space the odds someone through a felony will gain hired?


We rate your odds of acquiring hired at Lowe’s v a felony together average. There space a decent number of online reports saying felons and people with misdemeanors acquire hired here.

While Lowe’s isn’t part of any kind of public initiatives that assistance felons, they room an EEO and don’t proactively discourage those with records from applying.

Their applications does not feature the crate asking around criminal history, however, so you have a chance of interviewing before you get a background examine done!

It looks like they hire former offenders relying on their really circumstances. But, prior to you make your case, let’s look at part entry-level tasks you could apply for.

What space some entry-level jobs?

Stocker: Stockers obtain shipments, unloading them and also then share them ~ above the appropriate shelves. Stockers need to have the ability to lift 50 pounds or more, have the ability to stand for prolonged periods the time and, over all else, must be reputable to for sure they perform not steal the goods they are stocking.

Cashier: together a job description will phone call you, the cashier is the last experience many customers will have actually with the store. Because of that, Lowe’s prefers personable employees who are able come effectively and quickly carry out a great experience to your customers. You have to be comfortable counting readjust and managing a selection of client personalities. For this position, Lowe’s likes come see six months’ experience with both computers and also customer service.

How to obtain hired at Lowe’s through a felony


A good resume is something that takes your life and work experience and makes them appropriate to the project you’re applying for.

If you should know how to do a resume before doing that, examine out our guide!

Since we’re interested in impressing a hiring manager at Lowe’s, it would certainly be valuable to walk on their work site and learn much more about what they value in employees. Because that example, Lowe’s states they’ve always been known for good customer service! Therefore, it stands to factor that any type of resumes mirroring things like active community company will very impress Lowe’s.

Even if girlfriend don’t have any type of retail experience, you can make point out on your resume about how you’ve gone over and past to please people. This will show hiring managers that also if friend don’t have actually the most experience, you recognize what they desire from you.

If you’re applying more for the receiving end, friend will want to orient her resume to display you have actually a record of gift trustworthy and also efficient. Any kind the warehouse suffer will help set you apart, therefore be certain to ar that on her resume.


So you’ve make a great resume, submitted it with your application and gotten a callback. Now it’s time to prepare for your interview. You’ll want to dress in service casual, with emphasis on the casual end. Showing up dressed as well nicely deserve to send a weird signal, together it have the right to make the seem prefer you’re no a good social fit because that the company.

Something prefer black dress slacks and also a neutral t-shirt or polo have to do the trick.

Once the interview has actually begun, make sure to tension why you’re a great fit for the company. If you want to work-related on the receiving end, be sure to note any special an abilities you can have. For example, if you have a patent to drive a forklift, you’ll want to empathize that together it will demonstrate you need much less training to do more work.

If you want to work on the prior end, be sure to be incredibly friendly, courteous and professional. Having a an excellent attitude in addition to the capacity to answer questions around the company’s history will present you’re eager to work there fairly than taking any kind of job that will have you.

Be all set with questions, yourself! This will show you have active interest in the job and make friend a far better candidate.

Does Lowe’s do background checks?

Our research shows that Lowe’s does execute background checks.

What to know around background checks:

For some states, 7 years is the the furthest a background examine can go. If her felony taken place seven years ago or more, it might not be a problem for you in these states:

CaliforniaColorado*Kansas*Maryland*MassachusettsMontanaNevadaNew Hampshire*New York*Texas*Washington*

(* sometimes details pay or value bracket positions require one.)

More great news. In the adhering to states, felonies in which girlfriend were claimed not guilty will certainly not display up ~ above a elevator check:

AlaskaCaliforniaHawaiiIndiana (limited check)KentuckyMassachusettsMichiganNew York

If girlfriend live in the says below, however, we have bad news. These claims make your entire record visible to background checks. Guilty convictions, not-guilty — every little thing will be on the table. You may run into bigger difficulties when applying living here:

AlabamaArizonaArkansasConnecticutDCDelawareFloridaIdahoIndiana (extensive check)IowaLouisianaMaineMississippiMissouriNebraskaNew JerseyNorth CarolinaNorth DakotaOhioOregonRhode IslandSouth CarolinaTennesseeUtahVermontVirginiaWest VirginiaWisconsinWyoming

Company ratings

Lowe’s has actually a rating the 3.4 out of 5 ~ above Glassdoor, with 61% recommending the job. Despite that average score, employees greatly had great things come say about the company.

When talking around the pros, employee praised the pay. Also with part-time hours, they said it’s feasible to make an excellent money. Employees also note that also part-timers room eligible for vacation pay and also benefits choose stock options!

On the con end, employee took issue with how permanent positions forced open availability. They likewise said that, top top the upper and lower reversal side, part-time can be really light on hrs sometimes.

Make sure to save these in mind to make certain you’re okay with them before applying!

What felony convictions could have a tough time obtaining hired here?

Above every else, Lowe’s relies on its customers. For this reason if friend have ever before had any kind of kind of violent felony, opportunities are Lowe’s will certainly pass girlfriend up as result of a perceived risk of poor customer interactions.

Lowe’s also deals with many small, an useful parts. If girlfriend have any theft-related felonies, it is in they burglar or also something much more minor than that, Lowe’s will likely pass on rental you.

There is additionally some indication the those v drug-related felonies will have a hard time obtaining hired at Lowe’s. There have been online examples of civilization being denied during the background examine phase because of a drug-related felony.

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Just when does Lowe’s rental felons or people with other criminal records? Well, it can be as soon as your record doesn’t look prefer a threat to them. Carry out your finest to present them it’s not!

Does Lowe’s drug test?

Research shows that Lowe’s does do pre-employment medicine screens. There is additionally indication that Lowe’s will perform them on employees who are either hurt on the project or doubt of intoxication.

Have you used for a task or operated here? Share your experiences

Were you able to obtain a job at Lowe’s with a felony? Share that or any other experiences that may aid others obtain hired below!