You (yes, you!) might be able to earn a Guinness people Record! Here's a primer on afford geeky greatness.

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You aren"t special. You need to not expect to get an award just for being you.

Chances room you don"t possess the natural ability to rest the human being record for the 100-meter dash. And also you probably weren"t born ~ above the extremes of the human bell curve that would allow you to insurance claim the location of something prefer the "farthest eyeball pop." Also, it"s unconvinced you possess enough eccentric dedication to organize the record for, say, the world"s largest collection the pizza-related items.

So, wherein does the leave you, the not-spectacularly gifted? The non-freakishly bizarre? What space youto carry out if youwant to come to be an main Guinness world Record holder?

Well, carry out you know exactly how to play angry Birds?

Guinness has actually made a reputation for itself by honoring conversely commendable extremes—we"ve all checked out the image of the world"s heaviest collection of twins, no?

Thankfully (?), the organization has actually made the decision to democratize that awards even further in recent years by glorifyingfeats the involve passive activities with points all about us—things prefer consumer modern technology and video clip games! girlfriend can collection the Guinness human being record for texting really fast!

And here"s the finest part: you can record your record-breaking attempts with your phone"s camera or webcam and upload them come Guinness"s website for fast adjudication. Appropriate from your computer. For free.

Mom will ultimately be proud!

A inside wall on Greatness

To start your journey towards immortality, walk to theGuinness Challengers websiteand click the "Pick your Challenge" button. When you find an achievable score that captures your imagination, every you will have to do is documentyour record-breaking effort on video. Your smartphone"s camera or computer webcam will certainly suffice. (Note: for obstacles that take place on the screen, together as video games, girlfriend cannot use an in-screen video clip capture, i.e. Friend must display yourself making use of the maker in question.)

Before you make her attempt, be sure to read every the rules because that your certain competition. Otherwise your attempt perhaps disqualified. Friend will be able to find the rule in the "Challenge Rules" under the video clip box of your particular challenge. For example, in the "Highest Score ~ above Pac-Man Championship version DX" difficulty (current high score: 530,920 points), the rules room as follows:

You need to make your attempt on an unmodified console making use of unmodified controllers.Settings come be supplied are: difficulty - expert, map - championship I, time limit - 5 minutes.Your video clip must display the following: 1)The effort in its entirety and also 2) the display, console and also controller used.

Feel complimentary to chaos up and also begin again in her video—as long as the record is captured in full. There"s no need to offer up a sleek video. Here is a fairly standard competition entry:

When your attempt is complete, you will have to register v the site—either by developing a brand-new account or logging in via Facebook. Then, to upload the video clip of her attempt because that adjudication, just click on the "Attempt this record" button above each competition.

Once you have actually uploaded her entry, it will need to be do official. As soon as a week, Guinness" "special adjudicators" will evaluation all videos that insurance claim to have broken the document in question and also decree if a brand-new record has actually indeed to be made.

If your feat has actually been verified, congratulations! you are among life"s winners! (Unfortunately, there is no monetary compensation—this is all for the internet glory.) If you room unsuccessfull, Guinness permits you to indicate a difficulty that could be an ext in her wheelhouse. Surely over there is something you do better than others.

Challenges come Beat

1.Fastest Time to type the Alphabet Backwards on one iPad

Current record: 2.08 secs (needs more competitors to become official)


The alphabet have to be typed in either reduced or upper instance letters, with no errors, or spaces in between the letters.Errors include typing the very same letter twice, consisting of a an are or unrelated letter, omitting a letter, or typing letters out of sequence.The machine must be connected to the internet throughout the attempt.The time shown on the screen at the end of the attempt is the number come be considered for the functions of this record.

2.Fastest Time to kind a Text post on a Touch screen While Blindfolded

Current Record: 25.9 seconds


For this attempt all message writing and spelling aids (such together predictive text and also any kind of autocorrect function) are to it is in deactivated ~ above the machine that is to it is in used.The mobile phone call to be used have to support touch-screen input, and only this input may be offered for the term of the attempt.All typing must be excellent while stop the maker in the attempter"s hands. Because that the avoidance the doubt, the attempter might use any kind of fingers to type. Because that clarity, the maker may no be inserted on any kind of supporting table.The text to be used every time is together follows: The razor-toothed piranhas the the genera Serrasalmus and Pygocentrus are the most ferocious freshwater fish in the world. In reality they seldom strike a human.During the attempt the text can be corrected and also re-typed.Time stops as soon as the challenger (believing the text is completed) holds increase the phone call at complete arm"s length.At this allude it should be displayed to the camera that the text has been composed correctly.The message typed top top the call must complement exactly the text provided above. This consists of spaces, capital letters and punctuation. Any kind of deviation of any kind will certainly be related to as one error and will invalid the attempt.

3.Fastest perfect of "10 man Smash" on super Smash brother (Nintendo 3DS)

Current record: 10.63 seconds (official); 7.71 seconds (awaiting adjudication as of writing)


You need to make her attempt on one unmodified Nintendo 64 console utilizing unmodified controllers.You should use every the default in-game settings.Your video must display the following: 1) the attempt in its entirety; 2) the video game cartridge and box, and also 3) the display, console and controller used.

4.Highest Score ~ above Level 1-1 the "Poached Eggs" on angry Birds (Chrome)

Current record: 37,510 points


You need to play the video game at the official site: chrome.angrybirds.comFor all videogame documents on challengers, Guinness does no accept in-game recordings anymore. You re welcome film yourselves playing the game. It need to be one constant shot.

5.Highest Score on Fruit Ninja

Current record: 2,381 point out (official); 2,544 point out (awaiting adjudication together of writing)


You should play the video game on the classic MODEYour score is variety of points accumulated when the game ends.You must show the game"s key menu screen at the start of her video.In-game purchased items (e.g. Bomb deflect, berry blast) may NOT be offered for your attempt.Jailbroken and also hacked phones may not be supplied for the objectives of this attempt.The video must present the version of the operating mechanism running top top the device. This deserve to be discovered (iOS)in the Settings food selection under general / About.

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Guinness do not permit ingame recordings. You re welcome make certain you film yourself playing the game.