Changing the oil in your V-Star 650 is so easy a caveman might do it. This bike is likewise known as a Dragstar 650 (European name), XVS650A, Silverado, vstar, v star, and also 650. The complying with maintenance instructions because that performing one oil change are applicable for model years 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, and also 2008.Tools required:17mm mix wrench4mm allen wrench5mm allen wrenchoil waste containerfunnelrags

Optional:nitrile glovesa item of cardboardaluminum foil

This job takes approx 45 minutes, however will get faster with practice.

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Parts required:

Oil filterOil

Begin by having a clean and clear work area. Lay under your piece of cardboard, to catch any kind of oil drips or spills. Now that you have your bike end your piece of cardboard, and also complete perform of tools, materials, and parts, you are prepared to begin. Start by warming up the bike because that 5 minutes; this will permit the oil to drain an ext easily and completely.

Step 1: Grab her 17mm wrench…we are ready to eliminate the drain plug. Gloves will assist keep your hands clean throughout this component as well as throughout the job. A cool trick to aid the oil drainpipe faster is to eliminate the oil cap. A tiny piece that foil end the tube will help protect the chrome and likewise cut cleanup time.

Step 2: remove the oil filter housing. Grab your 4mm allen wrench and remove the 3 4mm allen bolts which host on her decorative cap. Under this cap there are 5 5mm allen bolts that need to be removed on the sollet cover. Make a chart for wherein each bolt goes…these bolts vary in length and will must go back in their initial holes come ensure that your cover is secured to your bike.

Step 3: using your fingers, eliminate the oil filter. Do a psychological note the the orientation that the filter so that the brand-new one gets set up correctly. Lix 24936 is a perfect filter, however there are countless other brand to pick from. You may or may not have to replace the o-ring.

Step 4: obstacle a little amount that oil end the entire o-ring and collection it into the groove at the optimal of the oil filter.

Step 5: download the new filter.

Step 6: replace the covers.

Step 7: Cleanup.

Step 8: Replace drainpipe plug.

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Step 9: include oil. Using a funnel, add 2 quarts of the oil of her choice. Part say that man-made gets better mileage in between changes and helps your engine live longer, but standard engine oil functions fine together well. Begin the engine and allow oil to flow into the brand-new filter and also through the rest of the engine. Closeup of the door the cycle off and also check the level in the vision glass. Include oil until the vision glass is full. Inspect for leaks in ~ the drainpipe plug, oil cap, and also oil filter housing. Congratulations! friend are now ready come hit the roadway with fresh oil in your V-Star 650.