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Song Description

Stereotype cheating song. Somewhat of a novelty. Great love gone bad and also causing stress and heartbreak.

Story Behind the Song

This song was initially written by one of my sisters and also a couple of she friends in ~ a summer camp over 30 year ago. They composed it come "dedicate" to a camp counselor that was a huge country music fan.About 10 years back I became interested in the song but nobody might remember the lyrics to anything however the chorus so ns hired a songwriter who does practice made songs to compose the verses and also a melody line.


You excellent Stomped On mine HeartVerse 1:Well, I offered to think that you looked pretty in those high heelsbut, now every time ns hear friend come a clackin" I operation for lock hillsI used to think the you was sexy in your job-related bootsbut now I hear you walkin up the stairsI began running scared.ChorusYou excellent stomped on mine heart.And friend mashed that sucker flat.You just sorta, stomped on my aorta.Somethin"s goin out on me.I felt united state drift apart.And every action you took.Was a stomp upon mine heart.Verse 2:And I offered to love it once we take it our walks - togetherBut every time I check out you nowI obtain a climb in my blood pressure.I would buy friend every shoe, cuz i knew that was your obsessionBut, currently I can"t action foot in the shoe storeCuz I"ll acquire hypertension (Chorus)Ending (spoken)With your clod bustin stompers.You left my love so complete of holes

Song Length3:05 GenresCountry - Traditional, nation - TraditionalTempo / FeelMedium quick (131 - 150)Lead VocalMale VocalMoods Disgusting, Depressing

Subject MatterRegret, HeartbreakSimilar ArtistsBrad Paisley, George StraitLanguageEnglishEra1980 - 1989

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Lyric Creditsmultiple people
Publisher CreditsNA
Performance CreditsDaniel Grimmett
Label CreditsNA