I just obtained the master Sword and also went to go grab some spring water for the Goron that have the right to knock down those rocks so i can acquire to Faron and Lake Hylia earlier without going around. What perform I need to do to offer items to NPCs in here?


If you space trying to give spring water to the Goron, and attempting to do it by obtaining some from death Mountain or Kakariko Village, the won't work. The water cools really quickly; girlfriend won't get there in time. To give the water come the Goron, you need to do quite a couple of things first:

The only ar that is close to to the Goron through the rock (lets contact him Goron 1) friend can get spring water in a shop ~ above the southern roadway of castle Town. This shop is run by one more Goron (lets contact him Goron 2) and his son. Talk to the son and also you will watch he is sad since his Dad is sit by the broken Western leg to lock Town, depressed the he cannot go and get hot springwater. Talk to the son an ext and the will eventually say that he would go and see the Goron elder, yet he can't walk there. Go to death Mountain and talk come the Goron elder, who says that he will certainly go down to Kakariko and aid out.

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Go ago down come Kakariko, and you will certainly spot the Goron elder exterior Malo Mart. Go inside and also you will see one more Goron v a donation box. He speak you the Malo wishes to take over the expensive shop in Castle city (the one where you have to clean her shoes to enter), and also Phase 1 that doing the is raising enough money to resolve the west Bridge. You need to donate 1000 rupees to do this, but you can donate in stages. As soon as you have actually done this, the bridge will be fixed.

However, this is not all. For some reason, Goron 2 is still depressed, so speak to the Goron elder exterior the Malo Mart. He sets you increase on a side an obstacle to bring a barrel of hot springwater to Goron 2 to resolve his depression. Unfortunately, this difficulty requires you come walk halfway across Hyrule ar while opponents harass you. Once on this challenge, girlfriend ignore opponents at your peril. Go right for the bridge, and when girlfriend come throughout an enemy, place (do no throw) the barrel down, Z target enemies and also use the bow come strike them down. Do it well, and you need to reach the bridge in no time. Z target Goron 2 and also throw the water ~ above him. That will have his depression cured and also will promptly set up his springwater shop.

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Go to the southern road of lock Town. Goron 2's shop will certainly be up. Pay 10 rupees for warm springwater, and simply walk the end the southern door v hit. Approach Goron 1, and also he will an alert you have actually hot springwater ~ above you. Expropriate to provide it come him. Leave and also then return and the course will be clear.